Yes I'm still here occassionally and no I don't plan to upload anymore. Not with the problems this site has been having keeping the content people do upload. Anyways....can someone please reupload the new Naught America video of Honey Blossoms that was released like 3 or 4 days ago? People did and the site immediately removed it. Much obliged.
10 days ago· 230 views
I know I haven't been on in over a week. I wasn't sure if I was going to write this or not but figured I would. I appreciate all the support these past couple months from all of you, both uploaders and viewers. I know this will not come as good news to anyone but I've decided to stop uploading, as of this past week, and focus on overcoming my porn addiction. So far I've gone over a week of not masturbating or viewing porn, which is the longest I've ever gone in over 7 years. I by no means want to downgrade porn. It's been there for me for years in a lot of hard times and has given me pleasure when I needed something the most. But for me, it's also had a negative effect on my life. To the point where it's become an addiction. And it's taken a negative tole on my body...on my performance in the real world. So I'm taking a break. Hopefully a forever break. I was trying to find a time to start and I won't lie, that purge that took place 2 weeks ago, pretty much solidified my decision to start now.
3 months ago· 60 views
Kirsten Lee - Eat The Meat - Cum Fiesta #RKs #Teen #Brunette #Slender #NaturalTits #BigBooty
Cum Fiesta26:51HD
3 months ago· 37800 views
Amia Miley & Melanie Rios - So Right - Pure 18 #RKs #Threeway #Teen #Latina #NaturalTits #BigBooty
Pure 1841:45SD
4 months ago· 51090 views
Penelope Tyler - Piping It - 8th Street Latinas #RKs #Teen #Latina #Brunette #Natural #BigTits #BigBooty
4 months ago· 5590 views
Does anyone know if uploader DarkMe is an actual person? The couple videos he's uploaded recently, were once my videos. He's titled them exactly as I did including hashtags. Even to the point where I used to do tags like " #bigass" to now I do " #BigAss". And they're all the exact same. The videos he's uploaded are all the ones I'm missing from the vast majority that were deleted on the site. This is so odd.
4 months ago· 50 views
Tia Freaxxx - Fun Buns - Round And Brown #RKs #Teen #Ebony #BigAss #Wet #Shower #Interracial
4 months ago· 8750 views
Penelope Piper - Penis Squeezers - Big Naturals #RKs #Anal #Teen #Latina #Brunette #Natural #BigTits #BigAss
4 months ago· 5590 views
No idea why, but a couple of my videos I uploaded a long time ago are reappearing today as though I just uploaded them (Ella Hughes, Aria Alexander, Savannah Stern, Emma Starr naughty america videos). No idea why this is happening?? Anyone having the same issues?
4 months ago· 350 views
Lexxy - Bend It Like That - Monster Curves #RKs #Cougar #Latina #Brunette #BigTits #BigAss #Outdoors
4 months ago· 4090 views
I don't know how many times I've asked other uploaders to trying following this simple request and yet no one is doing so. So I'll just reiterate it again. PLEASE CHECK THE SITE FIRST TO SEE IF THE VIDEO YOU WANT TO UPLOAD ALREADY EXISTS!! There are uploaders who've been here for a long time who've graciously followed this one rule. If you upload a video that's higher quality than someone else, that's perfect. If you're uploading a HD video that someone else already uploaded BEFORE YOU in HD, then it's your job to delete that video. Don't be a dick and not delete because you want the likes. Please respect the site and please respect other uploaders. I'm doing my best not to call out names here but if this continues, I will. Thank you.
4 months ago· 10 views
Lexxy - Juicy Booty - Monster Curves #RKs #Cougar #Latina #BigTits #BigAss #Outdoors
4 months ago· 4430 views
Trying to upload..twice the site has crashed on me. And when a video uploads, the pages keep freezing. Hope this is just me and temporary. Starting to get annoying. Plus this massive ad now in the front of super fast footage is starting to give me a headache.
4 months ago· 0 views
Janet Mason & Tiff Bannister - How To Make A Sex Tape - Moms Teach Sex #Threeway #Milf #Teen #Redhead #Brunette #BigTits #BigAss
4 months ago· 31020 views
Demi Delia - Cougars In Heat #Milf #Latina #BigTits #BigAss #DarkSkin
4 months ago· 2350 views
Nicole Aniston - Cum Catcher - Cum Fiesta #RKs #Teen #Blonde #SmallTits #BigBooty #Facial
Cum Fiesta40:08SD
4 months ago· 30420 views
Jordan Sparx - What Sparx - First Time Auditions #RKs #Creampie #Teen #Blonde #BigTits
4 months ago· 5310 views
Bella Moretti - More Moretti - Round And Brown #RKs #Teen #Ebony #BigAss #BubbleButt
4 months ago· 7550 views
Allyssa Hall - Facial Expression - Cum Fiesta #RKs #Teen #Brunette #NaturalTits #BigBooty
Cum Fiesta36:01SD
4 months ago· 1740 views
Branda Fox - Ass Candy - 8th Street Latinas #RKs #Milf #Latina #BigTits #BigAss #BikiniTan
4 months ago· 5440 views
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