Can someone post that new Megan Rain interracial scene on Brazzers?
4 days ago· 220 views
Haw much films have fallen from the archive???? Why do not you play movie brazzers ??? Ella Hughes Danny D .xander curvus tanks
21 days ago· 770 views
Please upload Katana and Johnny Sins custodial cravings from Brazzers...
26 days ago· 970 views
can somebody add Liza Del Sierra and dani d anal brazzers ,please
Last month· 1760 views
Can some try uploading the latest brazzers, specifically Julie Kay
Last month· 1030 views
JustAnError - You have to go through me first - Kimber Woods, Lilly Ford - Brazzers Link:
Last month· 630 views
Can anyone upload Lisa Ann - Lisa Ann's lover from a few days ago? I know people are having issues uploading Brazzers content recently but I've seen other Brazzers videos. Figured maybe it got skipped. Thx
Last month· 1610 views
Pls Yourporn or other admins , Can you unlock the cpyright issues for realitykings, brazzers, mofos and others site? it's proper that everyone has to be free to upadate the stuff that wants . I never see something of similar. i can't upload many vids that i 've jsut ready to put on site
Last month· 1680 views
News Update for Any and All Johnny Sins fans! I've been following Johnny's YouTube channel for awhile now (channel called SinsTV) and he just came out with a video today announcing he will no longer be shooting scenes for Brazzers, NA, Reality Kings, or much of anything for awhile. He's not quitting all together. He said he may pop back up again in the future or he may start his own porn series/company but for now, and most likely, for the foreseeable future, he plans on doing traveling videos, workout videos, and crossing stuff off his bucket list. He said he was planning on retiring after he hit 40 years old (which he did back in December) and now his retirement has begun. Just wanted to give y'all a heads up if you're noticing his absence. He was always one of my favorite performers (along with Danny D...that dude is hilarious). Anyways, go check out his channel if you want to stay in touch with his life! He makes some pretty cool videos.
Last month· 1510 views
why aren't any brazzers videos getting uploaded?
Last month· 130 views
why aren't any brazzers videos getting uploaded?
Last month· 100 views
where are new brazzers movies?
Last month· 490 views
Who is the red headed girl in the Brazzers survey ad!?!?
2 months ago· 590 views
Please can someone upload Anissa Kate fucked in front of class & Bitch please from brazzers. thanks
2 months ago· 770 views
Can someone post the last few scenes from #brazzers #request
2 months ago· 170 views
Qur pasa que ya no suben mas oos ultimos videos de brazzers ?
2 months ago· 80 views
Yeah fuck this shit. So many videos are deleted... Just searched for HotAndMean and guess what, only 1 video is surviving. Not sure how long though. FUCK BRAZZERS, FUCK NAUGHTY AMERICA, FUCK MISSAX and admins involved with this site who don't even want to protect this used-to-be damn good site.
2 months ago· 1340 views
Ok well I tried 3 Brazzers and 1 Reality Kings video...both immediately removed. I've been told the site recognizes "something" and deletes the videos, yet I'm seeing other people uploading Brazzers and NA videos that at least stay up a day to a week to a month, before getting removed. I have not been told what this "something" is that gets recognized so I can not waste my time trying to upload stuff that's going to immediately get taken down. I really wanted to just upload the little stuff I found in (what I thought was broken) my old brick. But if it's going to be deleted, I'm not going to waste any more time. Due to my internet, it takes roughly 20 mins for a video to upload. Sorry everyone, I'm trying. I'll try again another day but don't hold your breath for me. As everyone has stated...this site...what it was to what it is now.... :(
2 months ago· 2270 views
It'd be very beneficial and probably make this community become a lot healthier mentally for uploaders specifically, if the admins of this state were up and honest with everyone and informed us, which videos are susceptible to being removed whether it's immediately or a couple days later. I'll stalk this page and it's difficult to track which ones are getting deleted and which are not. It appears like it's NA and Brazzers. But then #lesbian videos are getting removed and so are a good portion of the Nubiles films. I...we...know this site will probably never be what it used to be or what we hoped it could become, but if we (I've considered coming back and uploading again) at least knew "hey if you only upload this, this, and this and it won't get removed" at least it may keep the community strong and capable of growing a little more at a time. Instead of leaving us in the dark as we've been the past 3 months, everyone upset and confused and uploaders dropping like flies. Thanks for your time. -Gator
2 months ago· 1070 views
Can not wait for Squirt Training from Brazzers with Bonnie Rotten and Zoey Monroe!!!
2 months ago· 1290 views
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